dinsdag 4 oktober 2011

My first Copic Sketch Markers

I just bought my first Copic Sketch Markers. I orderd them at an online store and I received them yesterday but I just wasn't at home.
So today was my big day because I could get them at an local supermarket with an postoffice department.
And I was very happy when I opend the package with the Markers, paper and Memento ink.
The first thing I did was stamping 2 pictures of those beautifull Magnolia stamps. ( I love them).
Because I didn't know how long they had to dry I asked the question on a few sites and toke everything for sure and let them dry very well.
I will let you see my first Markers before I will show my tested pictures I am working on this time.
After the stamped pictures were dry enough I started to use the markers and I
was very nervous, yes it sounds very strange but I was nervous because a
few weeks ago I bought aquamarkers and looked at internet for a few video's in
which people are showing the use of them and that all looked so easy and
I bought them, but finally at home they didn't work as on the video's and
I was very disappointed.
So when I bought the Copics I was very nervous, but it all was very nice to
work with and I love to work with them already.
I started to color my first stamped picture, but when I had done her hat
one of my markers fell on my picture and not on a very nice place.
So I stopped coloring that picture.
And started the second one and I had a feeling that coloring her face
was done better then the first, but I'm no expert ofcourse.
Watch it yourself (click on the picture to see a bigger picture)
But because I don't have other colors to color the whole picture
with copics I got back to the first picture and began experimenting a
little bit with red on her dress, and this is what my picture is looking
right at this moment.
And I just are a little bit proud of myself.
And now I have to save some big money so I can buy slowly 
more and more Copics in different colors ofcourse.
But for now I just going to finish the left picture with my
Prismacolor Premier pencils.
When the card I use the picture on is finished I will ofcourse 
show it overhere.

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