donderdag 29 september 2011

Blog started

Well after a long time with a break in making cards I just started again.
After looking at a lot of nice blogs by other beautifull cardmakers I want to try to make my own
blog about the cards I make and about the other
things I made, because I mostly use stamps and scrapping in making cards and other things what you can make.
For this moment I can show you this cards I already made.
This card I made with the sketch of the challenge at de club of Tiets
She has a beautifull club with a lot of beautifull card making people.
The next card is just a nice winterwonderland card.
While I was surfing on the internet I found a nice kind of card called
easel card and is very nice to make and it gives your card a beautifull 
 This is the card when it is closed. And when you open it the card
will be standing at its own against the bottom of the card.
Because it is so nice to make an easel card I
made another one to.

Also at the club at Tiets ladies are giving a SOL (scrap online )
When you don't know what that is I will tell you.
A SOL is that one ladie has made a card an places the
measurements of the papers you'll need on the place
where we all are online a few days before the SOL is started.
So everybody can put them ready before the SOL is beginning.
At the date and time it is started by the one who's giving it
we all will be sitting behind our computers and she is giving
every 5 minutes an hint what we must do and so we are
making all the same card ( if you follow the hints correctly)
And after she has finished the SOL you can work your
card further at the way you want your card to be finished.
And then we all show our cards and you'll see a lot

of different ways people make a card with the same base card.
It is very nice to do.

The second card I made after the SOL ended because I really like
making that card that way.

So this is my first post around here.
I have still a few things that I need to take a picture of so
they will be placed very soon I hope.

I hope everybode understands my english and if you have
any questions place ask them by mail.

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